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Guidelines for form filling:
  1. Students are requested to fill online exam form on University Website
  2. Student has to obtain no dues from their respective staff / mentor before filling the examination form.
  3. Examination form for the current session would be Rs. 2000/- per semester.
  4. Those who have not received enrollment numbers, they are requested to comply all formalities related to it with your office staff of the college. Office staff will help you in this regard.
  5. In case you have due papers of earlier even semesters or previous years. You may fill these papers along with this form. There will be extra fee charged for the papers. For due papers, Rs.1000/- fee per paper will be applicable upto maximum Rs.4000/- for number of papers per semester.
  6. Those who has already submitted form and deposited examination fee, they need not to fill the form online again.
  7. Time Table for final / back papers examination is displayed on website. Please go through it properly. If any change will be intimated to students.
  8. Please select subjects carefully while filling the form
  9. In case of any query related to form filling, please feel free to contact your office administrator / mentor in working hours.
PAHER University, Udaipur
I do agree on above guidelines suggested by the University